Aim Statement Worksheet



Aim Statement Worksheet


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Developing an Aim


Improvement requires setting aims. The aim should be time-specific and measurable; it should also define the specific population of patients that will be affected. Agreeing on the aim is crucial; so is allocating the people and resources necessary to accomplish the aim.

Source: How To Improve section – setting aims (adapted)


Sample Aim Statement:

The following aim statement demonstrates important characteristics of well-crafted aim statements:

Aim: Decrease patient appointment wait times in our clinic by 50%, on average, within 2 months.

  • It is precise. It includes a numerical goal. “Decrease patient appointment wait times in our clinic by 50%…”
  • It is feasible. The goal is set at a 50% decrease. This is more achievable than trying for something like “zero defects.”
  • It is measurable. The general outcome measure is clear: the average length of patient appointment wait times. However, the start time still needs to be precisely defined. Is it a) Time patient signs in? or b) Time patient enters the exam room? And what is the end time? c) Time clinician enters the exam room?
  • It includes a time frame. The team wishes to achieve the change in 2 months.



  1. What is your overall goal for this project?





  1. Write your Aim:







  1. How will you measure it?







Check yourself:


  1. Is the aim stated clearly? _____ yes _____ no
  2. Does the aim contain at least one numerical component? ___ yes ___ no
  3. Does it include a time frame? ___ yes ___ no
  4. Is it feasible? ___ yes ___ no
  5. Will it be clear to the others when the aim is achieved? ___ yes ___ no


Aim statement material adapted from the and websites.