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HISC provides a welcoming introduction for those new to quality improvement and a refresher for those with QI experience.

Concise Practice Improvement Manual

We have come to realize that most people new to QI would very much appreciate the briefest sort of overview. That is, most would find it helpful to have a concise introduction to the "forest" before getting into the "trees" or details of quality improvement. That is why we have added this manual to the mix. You will find it is a quick read, only 8 pages of text. Learn more...

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Further on, as you work through the activities on this website, you will find (under the heading "My QI Project") an opportunity to plan, implement and assess a modest QI project in your own practice setting. Once you have registered and logged into the site, you will find you have access to two additional resources (in the "Downloads" area accessed by clicking the bottom navigation button, screen left). These resources have been specifically designed to assist your work on that QI project. One is an expanded (unabridged) version of the "Concise Practice Improvement Manual." available here. The longer version has more detail, highlighted tips and additional tools. There is also a companion "Concise Practice Improvement Manual Coaching Guide."

How to Do It

  • Start with the learning modules
  • Progress through the series
  • Plan & Assess your QI Project
  • Finally, in My Account, get your certificates and submit your results to ABIM for credit.

The Healthcare Improvement Skills Center module provides the opportunity for you to assess your knowledge about current quality improvement principles and practices and an opportunity to apply these principles in your current work situation.

Learning Objectives

ABIM diplomates who complete the following learning activities will understand how clinicians are beginning to apply the principles of quality improvement to close the gap between ideal practice process and outcomes and current practice. They will be better able to:

  • Analyze current care,
  • Generate hypotheses about the link between action and results,
  • Develop ideas about how to improve,
  • Measure a change in practice, and
  • Plan to sustain and disseminate successful results, if achieved.

MOC Points

You can only earn ABIM MOC points for this activity if you access it through the ABIM MOC point of entry from your ABIM homepage. Questions? Call 1-800-441-ABIM.

Looking for the HISC Learning Modules?


This entire HISC website is now available to all, free of charge. Simply "Register" (3rd item in the left hand navigation bar - supplying your email address and a username and a password that you choose - and login (top right of this home page) with that username and password you chose.

You will then be able to:

  • Complete a self-assessment of your quality improvement (QI) skills
  • Enhance your QI skills by going through any of the learning modules
  • Plan, conduct and assess an improvement project in your personal practice setting

    In addition, you will be able to download a "Concise Practice Improvement Manual" (click the blue "View Manual" button on this page). It provides a brief overview of quality improvement. If you want, you may download the unabridged version of that manual and a companion coaching guide by clicking the "Downloads" button at the bottom of the lefthand navigation bar. Other resources are available under "Resources" to the left.
  • Track your progress in the "My Account" area.

We are now seeking sponsorship for the site that will make it possible to cover its ongoing modest hosting expenses and to promote its availability to healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses and healthcare administrators) throughout the world. If you have questions or suggestions about this, please contact markcheren@gmail.com.