HISC Overview

HISC activities and resources are intended to demystify quality improvement, that is, to convey what it is in a down to earth and direct way. There are three sorts of activities. 1. Assess My QI Skills; 2. Enhance My QI Skills, and 3. Plan and Assess My QI Project. You can start with any of these. Experience suggests it is best to have a particular improvement project you would like to work on in mind. Doing so can serve to ground your work and learning, and to drive and sustain your motivation.

Assess My QI Skills
Identify and summarize
  • What you already know about QI
  • What assistance you would like
  • What you would like to learn more about

Enhance My QI Skills
The "Core" QI Skills Modules
  • 6 brief, highly interactive and engaging, case-driven learning activities
  • A template to help you plan further development of QI skills

Plan & My QI Project
  • Plan an improvement project
  • Implement that project off-line, in your practice
  • Reflect and assess that improvement effort (when completed)

We hope you will find these activities useful, enjoyable and well worth the effort required to make your way through them.

You may also find it useful to check out the Resources, References, and Home pages on this site.