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    • Guideline: A published guideline on a specific procedure or set of procedures
    • Website: An external website providing more information about a topic or a useful tool
    • Tutorial: Text describing a key term or idea or providing a solution to a question or problem
    • Tool: An interactive website or file that allows the user the ability to compile or analyze data, generate charts, or organize planning.

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Quality Improvement Resources from the HISC Program Modules
Other Helpful Resources

Quality Improvement Resources from the HISC Program Modules

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Other Helpful Resources

  1. "To Err is Human" Summary
  2. Process Improvement Resource Site at George Mason University
    XmR chart resources:

  3. Theory of Contraints Applying the theory of constraints in health care
  4. Preventing Medical Errors CME Program
    A 2-part CME program offered at the Virtual Lecture Hall (fee required):

    1. The Search for Causes of Error
    2. Preventing Your Errors, Improving the System
  5. Popular Selections from the IHI Breakthrough Series:
    Breakthrough Series Guide: Reducing Adverse Drug Events

    Breakthrough Series Guide: Improving Outcomes and Reducing Costs in Adult Cardiac Surgery

  6. An introduction to problem-based learning” (PBL) as a diagnostic tool in professional practice "Problem-Solving & Learning in Practice." [DOC]
    Problem-based learning can be a useful tool for diagnosing problems when working in teams or when working independently. This down to earth introduction, drawn from higher education, should prove easy to adapt to QI work – particularly at the "Finding Out What's Going On" stage.