HISC v 1.0 Acknowledgement of Contributions

In addition to the original authors and editorial advisory board members, listed above, we would like to acknowledge and thank the following:
  • The members of the Editorial Board/CME Planning Committee: Linda Headrick, MD, Chair, David Aron, MD, Mark Cheren, EdD, John Harris Jr., MD, Allison Rentfro, Laurel Simmons, MS, and Weldon Webb;
  • Organizational leaders who extended support to this project over the years at: the MetroHealth Medical Center; the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Program in Continuing Medical Education and Division of Information Technology Services; the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine, Program in Continuing Education, Program in Rural Health and Academy for Post Graduate Health Care Education; the Institute for Healthcare Improvement; the Wade Park, Ohio, Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center; the Network program at the Center for the Health Professions, University of California, San Francisco; Medical Directions, Inc.; and Improvement LE.
  • Among the latter we would like to single out for special recognition, John (Skip) Harris, MD, MBA, President of Medical Directions, Inc., Laurel Simmons, Program Director and Funded Projects Coordinator at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and Dr. Lev Gonick, Vice President for Information Technology Services at Case Western Reserve University.
  • The talented and creative group at Medical Directions, Inc., Cheryl Novalis-Marine, MS, MBA, Robert W. Amend, MEd, and Stephen H. Buck, PhD, - who made these materials at once accessible and engaging.
  • Sara Pfau, Christine Sciulli, MBA, Bryan Linkous, Andrew Brinkman, Sunny Lurie, PhD, and Ethel Smith, MD made contributions to site production.
  • Student web designers and programmers at Case Western Reserve University, David Ayaram, Stephan Bayer, Tim M. Sentgeorge, Latha Poonamallee, Husain Almezen, Ben Sigg, Bret Kiraly, and Matt Hill created initial prototypes of the site and modules.
  • Theodore V. Parran, Jr., MD, Medical Director, at the Case Program in Continuing Medical Education, provided essential support and encouragement that helped the project get off the ground.

< This site is a testament to the outstanding vision of Dr. Linda Headrick. Dr. Headrick saw the acute need for this resource, conceived its shape and the methodology of its initial development, and mobilized leading practitioners, educators and organizations active in the field of healthcare improvement to bring it into being.